Clock Associates

Penny & Flat Packers

Adding the Clock Associates Penny Packer and Flat Packer to your production line removes the last point of hand contact in the production process. This reduces the need for preservatives and results in a more natural product with enhanced shelf life and greater consumer appeal.

In the process the Penny and Flat Packer receives the product directly from the cooling belt. A vibrating conveyor table groups the product, electronically confirms their presence, and then indexes them through a feed magazine and into the bagger. Simple. Efficient. And, no hands.

The Packer handles almost any disc-shaped product including crumpets, rice cakes and English Muffins. Models to handle donuts, bagels, and other products are also available.

The Penny Packer also adjusts easily to various package sizes. It integrates with any bagger and adjusts to handle 6 to 12 items per bag at up to 60 bags per minute.

The interchangeable Flat Pack chute and magazine allows 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 flat pack configurations, at a rate of up to 50 bags per minute. Flat Pack and Penny Pack chutes requires no more than five minutes to changeover.