Clock Associates

Specialized Bakery Equipment

Croutons & Toasted Bread Snacks:

The Clock Associates Dehytron process takes only 6 to 11 minutes to produce dried, toasted bread snacks, croutons, stuffing and bread crumbs at rates up to 2,000 – 8 ounce packages per hour.

Bread & Bun Dough TRO Movers:

Automatic Tro-Handling Equipment by Clock Associates is designed to eliminate frequent problems of improper trough sequencing and degassing. It also practically eliminates the need for manual labor trough maneuvering.


Center Hinge Slicers
Bagel Chip Thin Slicing
Bagel Penny Packers

Melba Toast:

Thin Slicing & Indexing

Special Processing Lines and Systems:

Design & Build Process Equipment